Workshop Day for the DCC students

The students undertaking the Diocesan Catechetical Certificate (DCC) had a wonderful day on Saturday (6 January 2018) at the Centre for Catholic Formation, attending talks and workshops by Carol Ann Harnett, a lecturer of the School of the Annunciation. Much of what was discussed was very practical, focusing especially on different ways and approaches by which one may convey the Faith in the parish setting.

It was wonderful for the staff of the Centre for Catholic Formation to hear just how much the students are enjoying the course, and how many in the parishes are keen to join the next cohort beginning October 2018. Indeed, some students were filmed talking about their enthusiasm for the course and you'll be able to see that promo video in February.

The Diocesan Catechetical Certificate is taught through a mixture of study days and online/correspondence as is great for parents, catechists, grandparents or anyone wishing to know their Catholic faith more deeply. Participants take a systematic journey through the Church’s teaching to understand their own faith in a more profound way. 

Applications for 2018-2020's course are being taken. For more information visit the DCC page or contact the School of the Annunciation on 01364 645660