About the Centre Logo


The new Centre for Catholic Formation (CCF) logo is based on the Canterbury Cross, which has its origin in a pendant discovered in Canterbury dating to around 850 AD. As the historic centre of Christianity in our Diocese, and indeed our country, Canterbury recalls the primacy of the Faith for these isles and their link through St Augustine of Canterbury to Rome, from where he was sent by Pope St Gregory the Great.

At the base of the cross is the Paschal candle, which is lit at the Easter vigil and present at the beginning of the journey of faith of every Catholic, a journey which starts with evangelization and continues with catechesis, the two main facets of the CCF's mission.

Each arm of the cross contains a stylised symbol of the Most Holy Trinity, in whose nature every Christian participates.

The three main colours represent aspects of our diocese's geography, the blue refers to the waters which surround the diocese - the Thames and the Channel. The green on the right (East) symbolises Kent, and the yellow on the left (West) symbolises London. The lighter blue crowning the cross represents Our Lady, the diocese's primary patron, to whom the CCF entrusts its work for the Church in Southwark.