No person should be barred from discovering the love of God because of a physical or mental disability. Indeed every Parish should have a special answer for a special need. Teaching methods for disabled people have progressed hugely in recent years and the Church should be at the forefront of using those methods.

  • Is your parish preparing a disabled child or adult to receive a sacrament?

  • Are you looking for Catholic resources suitable for people with special educational needs?

  • Do your catechists have questions about catechesis for the disabled?

If so, the Centre for Catholic Formation is here to help with courses, advice and a network of people with experience and skill in passing on the faith to people with special educational needs.

The Catholic Church considers every disabled person and especially children—as persons particularly beloved of the Lord. A growth in social and ecclesial consciousness, together with undeniable progress in specialized pedagogy, makes it possible for the family and other formative centres to provide adequate catechesis for these people, who, as baptized, have this right and, if non-baptized, because they are called to salvation. The love of the Father for the weakest of his children and the continuous presence of Jesus and His Spirit give assurance that every person, however limited, is capable of growth in holiness [see General Directory for Catechesis, 189 -190].

How does the Centre for Catholic Formation serve disability awareness and catechesis?

In addition to the annual day for celebrating all those with differing needs at The Friars, Aylesford (first weekend in July), the CCF has an adviser responsible for disability awareness and catechesis. Parishes please contact Piero Finaldi, pfinaldi@ccftootingbec.org.uk, for help to enable those with particular needs to fully participate in the life of the Church, including any help or advice in providing adapted catechesis.

Day of Celebration for those with Differing Needs