1. Area Conferences

In May 2014, three Evangelization Conferences took place, one in each of the three Areas of the diocese. Representatives from deaneries, diocesan agencies and the CCF Team met to share what was being undertaken and to discern what next steps might be taken. You can view Archbishop Peter Smith's talk on Evangelii Gaudium below along with three testimonies recorded at the conferences, entitled 'Why do I love being a Catholic?'

For more images from these conferences, visit the diocesan Flickr feed: SW-London AreaKent Area / SE-London Area

2. Handbook for Parish Evangelization Teams

This handbook, now in its second edition, is intended for use in the parishes of the Archdiocese of Southwark and is directed towards the formation and operation of Parish Evangelization Teams. Its publication stems directly from the May 2014 diocesan Evangelization Conferences ‘Go and Announce the Gospel of the Lord’. 

3. Evangelization Seminars

A series of seminars on evangelization in different contexts and with different emphases, led by diocesan agencies and invited quest speakers.