CCRS Catholic Certificate in Religious Studies

The Catholic Certificate in Religious Studies (CCRS) offers an introduction to the central teaching and beliefs of the Catholic tradition. The modules are taught through lectures and group discussions in a friendly environment. The CCRS is managed and awarded by the Board of Religious Studies on behalf of the Bishops' Conference of England and Wales; it is open to anyone who wishes to deepen their understanding of the Catholic faith.

We offer a two-year course on Saturdays from 10.30am to 4pm at the CCF in Tooting Bec and at The Angelus Centre in Erith, Kent; and an intensive one year course at the CCF in Tooting Bec on Tuesdays from 9am to 6pm.

For the two year course an assignment tutorial will be offered at the CCF after each module.
Each module of the one year course will be preceded by a 2 hour preparation task, being part of the required module time. The course can either be taken for credit with assignments or as audit only with no assignments.

Suitable for teachers, trainee teachers, governors, parish catechists or for personal interest.


Forthcoming Modules

Intensive one-year course at the CCF (Tuesdays 9.00am until 6pm)

Sacraments 01.03.16
Leadership in Catholic Education 26.04.16
Christian Morality 10.05.16

Two-year course at Erith (Saturdays 10.30am - 4pm)

New Testament    07.05.16 21.05.16

Two-year course at the CCF (Saturdays 10.30am - 4pm)

Christian Morality 30.04.16 14.05.16

Specialist modules at the CCF (Saturdays 10.30am - 4pm)

School as a Worshipping Community 05.03.16 19.03.16
Ministry and Chaplaincy 05.03.16 19.03.16
Catechesis and RCIA 02.07.16 16.07.16
Spirituality and Psychology 02.07.16 16.07.16


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